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Full-Service Dispensary and Cannabis Caregiver Storefront In Augusta, ME!

Now Open At 418 Western Ave, Augusta, ME

We go above and beyond to connect our customers to the best Maine medicinal cannabis products. Whether you stop in to our shop or want to shop medicinal marijuana online and pick up in store, MJ Healing Herbs is the way to go!

High-Quality Medicinal Cannabis Products in Augusta, Maine

MJ Healing Herbs combines our knowledge of nursing care and medicinal cannabis, caring, and compassion to help create the best regimen for each patient’s needs. We pride ourselves on giving one on one care specific for each Maine medical marijuana patient. We have been in nursing for over 25 years, and we bring that knowledge and compassion for our patients with us to every interaction. Our Full-Service budtenders and Caregivers genuinely care for every patient we work with. We provide a wide range of medicinal cannabis product options, including Flower, Edibles, Creams, and Vape Pens

New Year - New Deal

Online Orders will get an additional 10% off when picked up.

For the month of January all Loyalty Points awarded are doubled.

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card Through Us

We now offer med cards for $39.99 via Tele-med. After the appointment, the caller will receive an electronic card to be used right away. A hard copy will be sent to us to give to caller when they come in.

We always employ safe and clean handling of your Medicinal cannabis products in a clean environment.

We always employ safe and clean handling of your cannabis products in a clean environment. We continue to remain devoted to the well-being of our patients. If you can’t come into the store, our medicinal marijuana home delivery services offer you a convenient and safe way to access your clean medicinal marijuana products without leaving your home during these circumstances and always.

Stop into our clean and compliant retail store or place an order for delivery today!
Stay healthy friends!

Get To Know MJ Healing Herbs Your Augusta Medical Cannabis Caregiver

About Us

Get to know us and understand why knowledge of Maine medical marijuana, caring, and compassion is at the forefront of our patients’ care.

About Us

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MJ Healing Herbs offers a Membership Benefits Program. See how to join, and learn what the benefits of being a member are for our patients. Get excited today about the services we offer.



Register for one of our community workshops and read our informational blogs. Teaching others the magic class of medical cannabis, we believe knowledge is an essential part of patient care.

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Browse our wide variety of Maine medicinal cannabis products. We offer a wide variety of products designed to help. There are many ways to access your medicine from flower to topicals and edibles!

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Get In The Know With MJ Healing Herbs

Check out our posts for upcoming news! We are very excited to be opening up a caregiver storefront in Augusta, ME. Stay tuned for more information about products, medical cannabis, and CBD.

Curious about which medicinal marijuana strain or product might be best for you?

Check out our Patient Feedback section to view the “High from Heidi” featured reviews. This helpful collection offers up real life, real experience reviews on a variety of MJ Healing Herbs medicinal cannabis products and strains. This guidance can be useful to determine which direction might be best for your cannabis medicine regimen. MJ Healing Herbs offers customized Caregiver services with a background of 25 years of nursing, extensive medicinal marijuana knowledge empowered budtenders, and delivery right to your door.

Trust MJ Healing Herbs for your Medical Cannabis Needs

Bring us your doctor’s recommendations, and we will help you set a regimen to meet your goals. MJ Healing Herbs has been proudly serving Central Maine since 2013. We are centrally located in Augusta. Shop online and pickup in our Augusta, ME caregiver storefront. We offer privacy and discretion with every visit.

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Get in touch with MJ Healing Herbs to enroll in our Membership Program, place a local pickup order, or set up a consultation appointment. We are ready and happy to help guide you along your healing path with organic and naturally grown products. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to see how we can help you make an educated choice for your Maine medical marijuana for wellness needs and more! 

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