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MJ Healing Herbs provide Knowledge, Caring and Compassion with one-on-one home-based medicinal cannabis services for Central Maine.

From medicinal cannabis consultations, individualized medicine regimens, full delivery services, to educational workshops, MJ Healing Herbs is fully dedicated to our patients. We believe our patient-caregiver interactions should be formed around Knowledge, Caring, and Compassion. We enjoy working one-on-one with our patients to give them the time, attention, and care everyone deserves. We have a 25 year nursing care background and extensive knowledge and experience with medicinal cannabis. We pride ourselves in our unique approach to the medical marijuana industry with our Full-Service Caregiver offerings and our wide array of medicinal cannabis products such as flower, edibles, topicals, vape pens, and more.

MJ Healing Herbs believes medicinal cannabis offers a unique approach to personal health and wellness.

The marijuana plant in all its varieties offers an array of support options for our patients. Carrying a variety of strains, products, and supplies helps us best support our patients in their individual medical marijuana needs.

Individualized Medical Marijuana Care and Services for Central Maine with MJ Healing Herbs

Together with the recommendations from your physician MJ Healing Herbs will work with you to put together a personalized medical cannabis regimen for your unique health needs and wellness goals. We offer home-based care, with consultations, appointments, and cannabis product deliveries. All of our Edible Meds are customizable to the patient for flavor, strength, and affect.  *A minimum order size may apply to some areas. All visits and deliveries are by appointment only. We offer privacy and discretion with every visit.

Get To Know MJ Healing Herbs Your Augusta Medical Cannabis Caregiver

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MJ Healing Herbs offers a Membership Program to our patients to maximize their savings and experience with us.



Explore the world of medicinal cannabis and all its benefits. Explore our community outreach workshops.

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MJ carries a variety of flower strains, concentrates, edibles, topicals and more to ensure we have what our patients need.

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Curious to know more, have questions or need help? Do you need delivery services to access your medicinal cannabis products? Want to discover the most effect specific strain possible for your condition? Want to see our range of medical marijuana products or get recommendations for an affiliate store closer to you? We think it is important to foster close patient and caregiver relationships and match the best products possible.