Cannabis Education With MJ Healing Herbs

MJ Healing Herbs believes in the medicinal strength of cannabis and in the benefits of knowledge.

We want our patients to understand their unique needs, understand the benefits of their medicinal marijuana, and be familiar with the variety of ways medicinal cannabis is accessible to them. With a background of over 25 years in nursing, we understand an informed patient that fully understands their care regimen is more likely to be involved in their own wellness and see greater success. We pride ourselves on being Full-Service Caregivers who will provide you with the compassion, attention, education, and individualized care regimen you deserve.

MJ Healing Herbs Workshops

Summer Outdoor Grow

Summer Outdoor Plant care is for the person that has the garden space, but no time, or your thumb is not so green. Let us help you to have a successful outdoor grow season. We will come to your site and will set up 1 plant and maintain it throughout the summer grow season to ensure a successful outdoor harvest. We will then Harvest, Dry, and start the curing process in jars before we return the end product to you.
$30/oz finished product.

End of Season Harvest

For our end of Season Harvesting we will come out to your site and we will Harvest for you, then Dry, and start the curing process in Jars before returning the final end product to you.

$20/oz finished product

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We care about our patients and we care about the service we provide. Learn why you can trust us as your compassionate and knowledgeable connection to medicinal cannabis.

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MJ Healing Herbs is proud to offer a Membership Benefits Program for our customers with a Maine Medical Marijuana Card. Curious about the benefits and how to sign up?



Check out the wide array of medicinal cannabis products we offer for your unique needs. In addition to the traditional flower, we also carry edibles, creams, vape pens, and more.

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