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5 Creative Ways to Show Someone You Love Them on Valentine’s Day With Cannabis

Picking out a gift for that special someone can be a difficult task. You have to make sure you get them something they love and will enjoy. If your loved one or that special someone is a cannabis lover, you do not need to think too hard because there are many ways to surprise them with cannabis and make their Valentine’s day more enjoyable.

This article will discuss creative ways to show that person you love them and make their day more memorable with Cannabis gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Prepare A Special Treat

You can make different types of special treats for your partner with cannabis to surprise them. Here are some treats with their recipes that you could prepare by yourself for that special someone:

1. Cannabis Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves good grilled cheese; imagine a grilled cheese infused with marijuana. This can be part of a whole morning breakfast-in-bed treat. You can make use of MJ Healing Herbs cannabis flower to prepare this.

Click here for Cannabis Grilled Cheese Recipe.

2. Herbaceous Ganja Goddess Dressing 

The Herbaceous Ganja Goddess Dressing is another great healthy, delicious dressing or dip that your partner will enjoy, and it is easy to prepare. It is a light citrus dressing used to eat salads, greens, or chips that you can serve as a starter before the main course.

Click here for the Herbaceous Ganja Goddess Dressing.

If you do not have the time to prepare a special treat for your partner, you can get some amazing treats and edibles from MJ Healing Herbs. Below are a few of the edibles we offer:

Give The Gift Of Flower With A Cannabis Bouquet

Cannabis gifts for Valentine’s DayInstead of flowers, give your special someone a cannabis bouquet. A cannabis bouquet does not have to be completely made out of cannabis. You can buy your lover’s favorite flowers and add a few buds at the top or between each flower. 

This gift will definitely make your partner happy if they are a cannabis lover. Here are a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can check out to get a picture of what to do for that special someone:

MJ Healing Herbs has a variety of strains that you can use to complete the flower bouquet. Here are some strains you can find at MJ Healing Herbs.

  • Cookies Gelato: This strain has an immense and sweet flavor that can’t go unnoticed. 
  • Hulk Berry: The Hulk Berry strain has a fruity strawberry flavor.
  • Tahoe Mango: This is a strain with a smooth fruity flavor and a little earthy tone.
  • Forbidden Dream: This strain is a mix of flavors like black pepper, orange peel, lemon, and black pine with sour overtones.

Valentine’s Day gift ideasHave A Romantic Movie Night With Cannabis

Cannabis can make any movie night more enjoyable by elevating the experience. You can set the mood and add snacks for when you have the munchies after smoking some strains from MJ Healing Herbs, like the Green Gelato or Nova OG. These strains give you the focus you need to be with your partner and enjoy your movie night.

Unwind With A Romantic Night Of Pampering

You can create a romantic and serene night for you and your partner by lighting candles and using topicals. Get massages with cannabis-infused oils and CBD lotions while still smoking a joint to enhance your relaxation. It will be the perfect spa night. 

Treat Them To A Shopping Spree

You can take your partner out shopping and end the day with a visit to MJ Healing Herbs Dispensary located at 418 Western Ave, Augusta, Maine. If you are too tired, you can just head home and visit MJ Healing Herbs’ website and order the strains your partner wants online.

Create The Perfect Valentine’s Day With Cannabis!

Creating the perfect Valentine’s day experience for your partner who loves weed will make them happy and give them a day they can never forget.

Shop at MJ Healing Herbs for all the cannabis products to make your partner’s Valentine’s day memorable. We have everything you need and only offer the best quality products. Any cannabis-related gifts should also be given only to those of legal age and where such gifts are permitted. Click here to see all we have to offer you and your partner for Valentine’s Day.