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Tips for Hosting a Cannabis New Year’s Eve Party

2023 is right around the corner! If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate the New Year, why not host a cannabis-themed party?

One of the best ways to mark the passing of another year and the arrival of the new one is to host a New Year’s Eve party. There’s no denying that nights of booze and/or cannabis use may work up quite the appetite. This is where an annual New Year’s Eve celebration with delicious food comes in.

Throwing a big New Year’s Eve party can be a lot of work. Here are some tips for arranging a stress-free (or at least less stress), weed-friendly New Year’s Eve party:

Plan your party – decide on a theme, guest list, and food/drink menu

Make sure everything goes off without a hitch by making a party planning checklist and an event timeline. You can still host a fantastic party even without prior experience. Break down the party into the smallest parts and arrange them in the order they need to be done.


Picking a theme is a fun way to add extra energy to the celebration. Making online invitations, picking out decorations, planning a menu, and settling on party games are all made simpler with a set party theme. For example, you could do a white party or a green party to celebrate the cannabis theme. The food could be green-focused (“eat your greens!”) and the decorations could be green. There are many themes to consider: Roarings 20’s, disco, black tie, 00’s, 80’s, costumes, and so many more!

Food/Drink Menu

420 cake for a cannabis-friendly partyEven though your party might be more about fun, friends, conversation, or even dancing – one of the most important aspects of any party is the food and drinks! Take the time to think through your menu. If you’re planning a long evening, you’ll likely want appetizers, dinner (or buffet, finger foods, etc.), and dessert and coffee to follow. 

Plan for enough drinks and plenty of food. You can also ask your guests to bring a bottle of wine or champagne to enjoy. You can even host a potluck so everyone brings a dish and you don’t have to do it all yourself. Make a detailed shopping list or order your catering well in advance so you aren’t panicked or scrambling last minute.

Get Tasty Cannabis Desserts

Cannabis brownies have been the most popular cannabis-infused dessert for a long time, but you might want to try something new during the holidays.

Homemade ice cream is perfectly smooth and delectable. Using only the freshest fruit and all-natural ingredients. MJ Healing Herbs’ delicious 25 mg CBD or THC ice cream is available in cherry, vanilla, pineapple, coffee, toffee crunch, strawberry, blueberry, or chocolate flavors. Add a slice of MJ Healing Herbs’ 420 cake, and you’ll have the perfect dessert!

Select the Right Strains

The strains of MJ Healing Herbs are known to produce a strong, uplifting high ideal for mingling. Guests at a celebration will strike up lively conversations. Also, guests at a celebration will strike up lively conversations. Here are some strains to have if you want to have a good time in the hours before midnight. 

Gelato Mango Strain

This strain has fist-sized buds, a feral look, and exceptional yield. Gelato Mango is an earthy, spicy Indica strain. This variety has large, potent buds. Gelato Mango relaxes your body but stimulates your mind, which is excellent for exploration and discovery!

mango sapphire strain by MJ Healing Herbs in Augusta, MEMango Sapphire Strain

Humboldt seeds’ Mango Sapphire is an Indica-dominant feminized strain. This Bubba’s gift and OG/Afghan X cross have rock-hard buds. Gassy tropical and fruity flavor. This powerful, thick strain has relaxing therapeutic qualities. 

Forbidden Dream Strain

Large, slender, Sativa-style leaves fuel rapid expansion in this strain, which matures to produce colossal, unusually long colas covered with sticky resin. Forbidden Dream is a strain that combines citrusy orange peel, spicy black pepper, and earthy black pine. Get ready for a long-lasting, pleasurable experience permeating your mind and body.

To keep everyone happy and sane when the munchies hit, you must ensure you have plenty of tasty food. It’s ideal for offering a variety of foods that don’t include cannabis. This gives your guests more options and freedom. For more menu ideas for Stoner’s New Year’s Eve, click here.

Create Fun Activities for your Guests

Celebrate the New Year with fun cannabis-friendly games with your friends and family! Here are some great ideas:

Two resolutions and a lie

Playing two promises and a lie with your pals is a great way to gauge how well they know you. Get everyone to form a circle and get started. Every visitor at the party will have the opportunity to make three declarations, two of which will be genuine New Year’s resolutions and one of which will be convincing imposters. At the same time, the other guests try to identify which one is lying.

Playing this game at any point in the evening is great fun, but it could be especially effective as an icebreaker if the night has yet to get along. 

New Year Eve’s poker match

The best poker games can go on for hours. This strategy game is a lot of fun and a wonderful way to pass the time til the clock strikes 12!

Never have I ever

Have you ever played weed-smoking games? This old favorite is best enjoyed with a good amount of weed! Choose who among you will go first.

The chosen person will say, “Never have I ever,” before any action or behavior. During a group smoke break, anyone who doesn’t share a drag has to do so at the end of the round. Once one player continues the sentence with “Never have I ever,” the next player continues the sentence with “Never have I ever,” and so on until the cannabis is finished! 


This is a multiplayer variation of Traffic Lights. Set a limit on how many hits each player can take per turn. Experienced stoners should take two hits, but beginners should take one. 

Player #1 gets a hit before passing to #2. Everyone must hold their breath until it’s their turn to smoke the joint. Exhaling or coughing ends your turn.

Serve Cannabis Edibles and Drinks

Cannabis cocktails let you relax and socialize while enjoying marijuana’s benefits. There are numerous tasty ways to make cannabis drinks for the holidays.

These drink ideas can liven up your happy hour or holiday parties!

CBD and Cranberry Champagne

Of course, no New Year’s Eve party would be complete without a celebratory CBD champagne toast at midnight! If you want a sweeter euphoria, melt some CBD or THC ice cream and add it to the cocktail.

CBD Mint Julep

To put your relaxation into hyperdrive, nothing beats a strong and refreshing cocktail. The MJ Healing Herbs Mango Gelato Strain overtones provide a great backdrop that elevates this whiskey-based cocktail to the level of a genuine porch whopper. 

CBD Pimm’s Cup

The twist on the classic Pimm’s Cup incorporates CBD-laced ice cream to complement the cooling effects of cucumber and ginger.

Hosting a stoner New Year’s Eve party is easy with enough planning. The above tips will help you organize a great stoner NYE Party!

It’s nice to have the best cannabis munchies on hand if your guests aren’t big fans of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. Here are a few cannabis edibles that your guests will love:

  • CBD Fruit Squares
  • Chocolate Bar 100mg
  • Fudge Bomb
  • CBD or THC ice cream

You can also pick some New Year’s Eve gifts for your dearest stoner pals:

  • Vape Cartridge
  • Nova Butter
  • Moon Bats

MJ Healing Herbs offers high-quality medicinal cannabis directly in a clean and compliant environment or directly to your doors with valuable one-on-one patient-based care. Trust MJ Healing Herbs for all your medical marijuana needs! 

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