Cannabis Products At MJ Healing Herbs Augusta and Central Maine Medical Cannabis Caregiver and Delivery service

We offer our patient's a unique approach to medical marijuana access with our Full-Service Caregiver services and our wide variety of medicinal cannabis products. We offer delivery services to your home, allowing you to stay safe and healthy and still have access to your medicinal cannabis products.

MJ Healing Herbs is your Central Maine full-service caregiver connection to high-quality medicinal cannabis flower, concentrates, vapes, edibles, and more delivered straight to your door

Together with our 25 years in nursing care and your individual doctor’s recommendations, we will assist you in creating the best medicinal marijuana regime for your unique goals and needs. All of our Edible Meds are customizable to the patient for flavor, strength, and affect. We carry a variety of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to support a variety of needs. We have been Central Maine’s full-service caregiver since 2013, located conveniently in Augusta and delivering all over Central Maine. *A minimum order size may apply to some areas. All visits and deliveries are by appointment only. We offer privacy and discretion with every visit.*

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