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We are a small, patient-focused medicinal cannabis caregiver and home delivery service in Central Maine. We carry a wide variety of strains, products, and options for your medicinal marijuana. Become a member today to access our daily cannabis deals for delivery right to your door.


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MJ Healing Herbs Is An Augusta Medical Cannabis Caregiver

About Us

Want to know more about MJ Healing Herbs? Interested in our personalized care regiments for patients? Or just want to learn more about our values and passion for the industry? Check out the link below to visit our About Us page to learn more!

About Us


Looking for some help on your grow? Want to learn more about how to maximize your output for harvest season? For a modest asking price we can help you make the best of your home grow. You can find the link to our Cannabis Education page below.

Cannabis Education


Looking into our variety of products? Whether you're looking for flower, edibles, concentrates MJ Healing Herbs has what you're looking for and much more. Take a look at the link below to find the perfect product for you today!

Cannabis Products

Get Your Medical Cannabis Delivery From MJ Healing Herbs

Our delivery service is fast, convenient, and cost effective! With reasonable minimum orders based on delivery location, we can bring the finest nugs and concentrates to your doorstep without breaking the bank! That’s not all however, we also offer a wide range of CBD products, tinctures, and topicals. Check out the link below to get your delivery order made today!

Contact Us

Have any questions about our various products or services? Want to speak to a rep about where and how to learn more about growing and harvesting? Want a deeper look into our delivery service and range? MJ Healing Herbs is happy to answer any questions you may have. Take a look at our contact page link below, we can't wait to hear from you!