You are currently viewing MJ Healing Herbs Has a NEW Maine Medical Marijuana Storefront Now Open!

MJ Healing Herbs Has a NEW Maine Medical Marijuana Storefront Now Open!

MJ Healing Herbs Has a NEW Maine Medical Marijuana Storefront Now Open!

We’re opening a brand-new Maine medical marijuana storefront, taking our unique services, compassion, and dedication to knowledge to a new level!


Come See Us In Augusta, Maine!Augusta Maine Cannabis Store

MJ Healing Herbs is a Full-Service Medical Cannabis Home Delivery Business operating out of Augusta, Maine since 2013! We offer one-on-one home-based services to Central Maine medical marijuana cardholders. We provide cannabis consultations, full delivery services, individual medicine regimens, and educational workshops. We go above and beyond, working individually with our patients to give them the proper time and attention and to ensure our patients remain happy. We strongly believe the relationship between the caregiver and patient should be formed through knowledge, compassion, and honesty. We take a unique approach to the medical marijuana industry and are proud to offer various cannabis products such as flower, edibles, cartridges, topicals, and more.


Quality Medical Cannabis And Products

At MJ Healing Herbs, our products are just as impressive as our one of a kind caregiver services and wellness regiments. We carry a wide array of craft cannabis flower from indicas, sativas and hybrids to fit your needs and offer specific medicinal benefits. Some of our newest cannabis strains are Mango Sapphire, Forbidden Dream, Royal Gorilla and Panama Red.  If you prefer a higher dosage of THC or CBD we offer a selection of quality concentrates and cartridges. We know many medical patients prefer different methods of consuming their medicine so we offer topicals and edibles which we make custom to the patient’s flavor, dosage, and affect. We offer chocolate bars, gummies, fruit squares, CBD or THC ice cream and many more delicious treats!


Augusta Maine Medical Marijuana StoreWhy Choose MJ Healing Herbs?

MJ Healing herbs is not your average Maine dispensary. We work with the recommendations of your physician to create a regiment specifically tailored to your wellness goals and health needs. At MJ Healing Herbs we know every individual has symptoms unique to them, and what may work for some won’t always work for others. We developed our custom caregiver services for this exact reason. We take the time and effort to curate a regiment guaranteed to satisfy your medical cannabis needs. MJ Healing Herbs members receive exclusive deals on featured strains in our weekly spotlight! Choose MJ Healing Herbs because when you’re with us, you’re family. We will always give the same effort to every one of our patients while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. Currently, we offer home-based care services from appointments, consultations, and product delivery. We wanted to expand our one-of-a-kind services to a new storefront location in Augusta, Maine. We’re on a mission to make the MJ Healing Herb experience more accessible to Maine medical marijuana patients. Whether we’re going to you or you’re coming to see us – we’re here, happy and eager to help!


Be On The Lookout

Stay in contact with us and keep checking back for more updates on our new caregiver storefront address, opening dates, and more! We are so excited to share this new adventure with you all, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our loyal patients.

Contact MJ Healing Herbs today for any questions regarding our new Maine medical marijuana storefront or any of our quality products and top-of-the-line services that we offer. You can reach us by phone or send us an email as well. We look forward to meeting new patients and seeing our current ones at our new storefront location in Augusta!


MJ Healing Herbs is the most unique medical marijuana caregiver and delivery service in Central Maine!


Contact MJ Healing Herbs today for any questions regarding our new Maine caregiver storefront!