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MJ Healing Herbs Product Highlights
Cannabis Ice Cream – Medicate With Your Favorite Flavors

MJ Healing Herbs Product Highlights

Cannabis Ice Cream – Medicate With Your Favorite Flavors

Try Our New Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

At MJ Healing Herbs, we take pride in being the number one spot for all things cannabis and healing in Augusta, Maine. We know that every patient has a preference when it comes to their cannabis consumption. While we have a plentiful selection of flower, concentrates, and topicals, we have an incredible selection of edible treats! We love sweet treats and there is no better way to consume them than infused with your favorite medical cannabis! With summer coming up, and the collective love of ice cream throughout the state, we thought a blog featuring our one of a kind cannabis ice cream would be perfect!


There is nothing better than sweet, creamy ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Our cherry ice cream is sweet, yet tart and just screams summer! This is a flavor you won’t want to miss! Only ten dollars per four-ounce container, packed with 25mg of THC!


Toffee ice cream is a perfect choice for sweet lovers! Now you can satisfy that sweet tooth while medicating at the same time! Chocolate-covered bits of quality English toffee mixed with caramel sauce and THC? Count us in! A 25mg, four-ounce container is ten dollars!

Strawberrycannabis ice cream and quality cannabis edibles

The ultimate classic flavor, strawberry is adored by many. Experience your favorite childhood treat in a new way! This infused ice cream is just the right amount of sweet, and makes into the perfect creamy milkshake! Available in four ounces of 25mg for only ten dollars.


Our chocolate-infused ice cream is rich, creamy and extra chocolatey! Easily one of our favorite flavors, this chocolate ice cream satisfies any craving and packs a potent punch! Curl up with a blanket, a movie and our cannabis ice cream for the perfect evening! Available in four ounces and 25mg of THC or CBD for ten dollars.


Our classic vanilla ice cream is the perfect choice when in need of something simple, yet sweet and effective. Dress up this quality flavor with chocolate sauce, fresh berries or other toppings and make it your own! Available in 25mg of THC for ten dollars for four ounces!


It isn’t a Maine caregiver storefront without blueberry cannabis ice cream! Available in four ounces of 25mg THC or CBD, experience a taste of Maine like never before! Our blueberry ice cream is bursting with flavor and makes for the perfect summer treat!

infused ice cream partyThrow an Ice Cream Party!

Sharing cannabis during get-togethers with friends is a now a new normal in the world. What better way to celebrate a summer party than with your best friends, and a cannabis ice cream party! With some fun toppings, dishes, and MJ Healing Herb’s abundance of ice cream flavors, you can throw an ice cream social that your friends are sure to never forget!

Why Choose Edibles?

If you are relatively new to the cannabis community, or haven’t experienced edibles before – you might think that smoking flower and eating cannabis edibles would achieve the same effect. Smoking cannabis and eating infused ice cream or other edible treats actually produce two very different highs. Cannabis gives you a very heady high, where cannabis edibles give you a deep body high, and you feel it throughout. Edibles take longer to set in, and tend to last a lot longer as well. Edibles can also be a great alternative for individuals trying to cut back on how much they are smoking, or needing a more discreet way to consume.

Visit MJ Healing Herbs for all your medicinal cannabis needs! We have everything you need from flower, concentrates, tinctures, and of course our large selection of edible treats! Find us today in Augusta, Maine.