Amnesia Lemon


Amnesia Lemon is created from crossing the mother Amnesia Haze with a father of Skunk #1. Amnesia Lemon is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a pleasant lemon scent. It’s fruity and robust aroma give Amnesia Lemon its name. Amnesia Lemon is a perfect strain for anyone looking for a flavorful and tasty marijuana strain. Developed by Barney farms, this Sativa dominant bud has a great mix of smells, tastes, and curative effects. 

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Patients have found that using Amnesia Lemon for inflammation has shown positive results. This strain may also help with pain relief and nausea. Some patients that are dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy may also benefit from using Amnesia Lemon. Depression, anxiety, and stress are also symptoms patients have expressed relief from when consuming Amnesia Lemon.

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Classification: Hybrid Sativa dominant 

Parents: Amnesia Haze x Skunk #1

THC content: up to 20.5%

CBD content: up to 7%


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