Blue Dream


Blue Dream is a luscious cross of both Indica and Sativa. While Blue Dream is mostly Sativa, the all-day pain relief from the Indica gives patients lasting effects. When used during the day, Blue Dream is suitable for not feeling tired or couch-locked as you would from a heavier Indica dominant bud. This strain is very light and uplifting. It creates an atmosphere of euphoria while being able to maintain a focused attitude. Patients who wish to have pain relief during the without feeling bogged down will enjoy this Sativa dominant cannabis.

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Patients that deal with depression and anxiety may get satisfaction from trying this marijuana strain. People living with bipolar disorder and PTSD should also consider this bud when looking for relief. People that have migraines as well have enjoyed the benefits of the calming nature of Blue Dream. This bud has helped to slow the mind for people that are affected by ADD/ADHD.

Additional Information:

Classification: Hybrid Sativa dominant 80% – 20%

Growing preferences: Mosty indoor, may be susceptible to spider mites outdoors. 

Yield: Possibly (600) grams indoor to 7 pounds outdoors

THC content: 15% – 20%


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