Chem Stick


Chem Stick comes from some mysterious lineage but is thought to be a result of crossbreeding ChemDawg and Thai Stick or Thai strains. Chem Stick is a rare find in that it is a perfectly 50/50 balanced sativa and indica hybrid strain. Even with the balanced mixture, Chem Stick does tend to have indica effects and has a high THC content. Chem Stick promotes creative happiness with a relaxed and body calming effect. Chem Stick is a nice mix of earthy, musky smells and tastes with spicy sweet hints as well.

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Patients who typically find support and enjoyment with Chem Stick often report: 

Feelings of relaxation to the point of a heavy body buzz, with a creative euphoria. Some claim to receive support with easing their stress, depressive feelings, migraines and other pain and fatigue. Some do report some dry mouth side effects.


Additional Information:

THC Content: 20-27% 

Hybrid Dominance: 50% sativa / 50% indica

Amount: 1/4, 1/2, OZ

Additional information


1/2, 1/4, OZ


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