Columbian Gold


This Sativa dominant strain comes from a combination of Santa Marta Mountain range pure strains from Colombia, home to the country’s highest possible peaks. These strains were originally found 2500m down in dense Andean tropical woods. Cannabis has been cultivated in this area for many generations. Through years of trying to improve the plant’s medicinal properties through continual interbreeding, the local inhabitants have achieved some of the most genetically pure strains ever to exist.

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This specific strain produces tall vigorous, branchy plants with potent and large buds. The sweet fragrance really makes this strain stand out above all, and the taste, potency, and psychedelic effects are bar-non to match. This strain is extremely beneficial for people who are aiming to find focus or happiness amongst feelings of depression or stress.


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Classification: Mostly Sativa

THC Content: 19.3%

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