Color Changing Glass Snake Steam Roller


A Steamroller may seem like an ancient artifact to a lot of the younger generation of smokers. In short, this is a way to get a large amount of smoke shot into your lungs quickly to shock your lungs into absorbing every molecule. With some experience, one can control the amount of smoke that leaves the pipe, but until then expect a big hit from this snake.

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This steamroller in particular is unique for its’ chameleon behavior while in use, even through the dirty times! No matter what stage of clean you’re at, the colors will continue to change and make your smoking experience visually pleasurable. The flowing ribbon-like design will have your eyes moving around organically and almost automatically. Incorporated throughout the entirety of each hand-blown pipe are glass rings and dots intended to not only add appeal but stability in gripping it. Being nine and a half inches long, this is a good size steamroller retaining portability rather than being bulky! Friends can take turns passing this piece around easily and willingly so they can check out the uniquely specific design that called out to you.


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