Color Changing Rasta Striped Double Chamber Sherlock Glass Bubbler


Embrace the true cannabis culture with this festive Rasta striped bubbler! Fully equipped with features to enhance your smoke like a double chamber, taking a hit from this unique water pipe is smooth and milky. Enjoy large hits from a piece that only measures six and a half inches tall and fits in almost everybody’s (who are old enough to consume cannabis) hands.



As smoke rolls through the hand blown glass, the colors within begin to change and create a whole experience after every hit. With time and proper usage, resin build up is inevitable. In between cleanings, the stress is eased by the continuance of new color shades emerging from the glass. Utilizing absolutely every inch of space, this bubbler is designed to pull smoke through two separate down stems in order to filter through cool and refreshing water. Sporting a proportionately large, deep bowl, you can sit down for multiple hits at a time and not worry about a sore throat or having to re pack! Your comfort was a top priority when shaping the glass for optimal grip. With smoothed out “sweet spots” around the natural hand placement, confidently add in smoking to your every day chores.


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