Color Changing Silver Fumed Frit Spiral Glass Pipe


We’ve seen a lot of color changing options, all fumed in either silver or gold. This silver fumed bowl is made with frit glass, adding a twist to the color changing effect. The frit interacts with smoke and heat causing a spiral that travels from bowl to lungs. Get lost in your high with the array of colors and the way they change.



This bowl has a built-in screen crafted from glass with tiny holes to prevent pull through. Small considerations like this make for fewer cleanings and a more satisfying hit every time. At four inches in length, smoke travels an ideal amount of time before it enters the body in a tornado-like whirlwind of cannabis. The carb is conveniently located where your thumb naturally rests alongside the bowl to enable air control. Once the smoke reaches the mouthpiece, the bubbled-out chamber allows for a larger cloud to enter your lungs. Outfitted with a stylish design, this could be the perfect gift for any smoker in your circle. Everyone can appreciate the unique bubble bowl pattern incorporated at the end of every piece in its respective colors.


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