Colorful Mushroom Silicone Pipe with Glass Bowl


Smoking weed is mainly to lighten the mood, right? Well, we do know for a fact, it’s nearly impossible not to crack a smile and enjoy a toke from a little baby mushroom. This custom work of art in silicone form comes in a multitude of colors, all with a bright white base resembling an actual mushroom. Each pipe comes standard with a glass bowl required for use.

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Silicone is a great alternative to glass as it offers durability and longevity without risk factors such as drops and falls. Although ultra-light, measuring in at only about three and a half inches, a drop or fall is plausible! Not to worry, you’ll be able to find this vibrant mushroom from a few feet away depending on your eyesight. The whimsy that comes along with putting your thumb over three even smaller mushrooms as a carb is just unexplainable. Feelings of pure nostalgia and bliss arise with every hit. The easiest way to make sure your silicone mushroom stays fungi-free is to submerge the entire piece in boiling water to loosen and release stuck-on resin.


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