Colorful Silicone Sherlock Hand Pipe with Glass Bowl


Colorful and simple, this silicone marijuana smoking accessory is designed to resemble Mr. Sherlock Holmes iconic tobacco pipe. We all remember how Mr. Holmes never let that thing out of his lips, and you’ll see why when you get yours and try it for the first time. With a glass bowl included, just add weed and you’re ready to smoke.



Featuring a perfectly located carb, you’re in control of the airflow with every hit. There’s absolutely no worries when it comes to durability and travel with this piece. Silicone is virtually indestructible and food-grade safe. With a ring along the stem, designers have added structure and grip as you pass this pipe around your next smoke circle. Enjoy the ease of owning this piece when it comes time for a cleaning and all you have to do is boil the entire thing in some water! Note that while this piece doesn’t stand on its’ own, the glass bowl is surrounded by silicone making it safe to lay on its side once cooled. Perfectly sized for portability, this Sherlock-style pipe measures approximately five and a half inches and weighs about the same as two dollars in quarters.


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