Colorful Squiggle Striped Frit Glass Pipe


Creating a unique and eye catching pipe is getting harder by the day with new artists emerging from the woodwork. It brings us great joy to offer their amazing products, and know you want a different piece than your friend. This vibrant and whimsical pattern will be sure to put a smile on your face as you watch the frit glass in action swirling the smoke into your lungs.



This vibrantly designed pipe is perfect to fit somewhere safely in your travel bag and grab your attention to be easily found once you’ve reached your destination. Small and convenient, you’ll always be prepared to pack a bowl and reset your mind with a few tokes. The real magic of this piece is the frit glass! When introduced to a cloud of smoke, the interaction causes a spiraling resembling a tornado of smoke to travel through the pipe. A real straight shooter design matches anybody’s aesthetic and the array of colors means they truly do appeal to everyone in some way. As a gift or for your personal collection, this pipe is a sound choice for the practical stoner of today.


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