Cookies Gelato


Cookies Gelato is known well for its immense flavor and unparalleled strength  . After several years of consumption, frequent smokers require a stronger potency bud to experience the same effects. Cookies Gelato is one of those rare strains with  a monstrous THC level that thrusts the mind into an altered state of consciousness. The incredible sweet aroma of this plant holds an outrageous THC level of 28% resulting in an immediate high.

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Patients who frequently benefit from this strain are those who require both mind and body effects for symptom relief. This specific hybrid strain contains both indica and sativa genetics, with effects targeting body and mind equally.. The head high is said to stem  a rush of euphoria that is almost psychedelic. The body high is less aggressive, but adds a nice relaxing touch.


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Classification: Hybrid

THC Content: 28%

Parent Strains: Girl Scount Cookie x Gelato #33

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1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 6 Pack Pre Rolls, OZ


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