Elevated Elf Small Stemless GoG Square Decal Water Pipe


Travel back in time with this one, imagine your childhood juice box turned into a bong. You’re officially able to have it, and you’re not dreaming. A seven-inch tall square glass bong wrapped in animation decals is now available. Featuring a stemless design and a fourteen-millimeter female connection, we encourage all users to fill the chamber up with milky smoke freshly water filtered.



Glass is famously easy to maintain, from cleaning to storage and everything between. The shape of this unique piece may seem intimidating to keep clean or get clean, but it’s really as simple as cleaning any other bong. Just pour in your preferred cleaning solution and give it a shake to loosen and empty all that unavoidable resin build-up. The fourteen-millimeter connection makes for a simple interchange from bowl and bong combination to dab and rig combination. The bent neck provides distance from either the smoke from your bowl or the heat from a red and ready banger.


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