Forbidden Dream


This is an elite strain by Humboldt Seed Organization. It is a mixture of Forbidden Fruit and Geist OG (which is a private, uncirculated selection of their own 4-way OG cross). A strain with powerful growth made possible by the big, thin, Sativa-structured leaves, forming chunky overlong colas packed with a high amount of resin. Forbidden Dream is a combination strain of orange peel, black pepper, and black pine with lemon, sour overtones. Prepare yourself to expect a pleasant head and body high that comes along with long-lasting, satisfying feeling.

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Forbidden Dream produces a mixed high, with cerebral effects as well a good body elevation, resulting in overall relaxation. Several patients have reported effects of energy, relaxation, and being talkative; relief was found for some with chronic pain, depression, muscle spasms, and stress. Finding the right dosage with this strain makes it possible to be helpful during any point in the day.

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Classification: Hybrid Indica dominant

THC content: up to 17%

Parent strains: Forbidden Fruit X Geist OG


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