Gold Fumed Color Changing Striped Sherlock Glass Bubbler


Get lost in your high watching your bubbler change colors! Before you get stoned, let’s learn about why this is a sound investment for your cannabis journey. This compact piece is made out of thick glass to promote longevity and comfortability while in use. Enjoy the convenient carb placement with every light. Glass cleaning can be done in a variety of methods, so pick yours and don’t worry too much about the solid glass as it’s great quality.



Keeping your Sherlock Bubbler clean is the key to experiencing all this piece has to offer while you medicate. Glass is one of the easiest materials to clean when it comes to bubblers, pipes, bongs, etc. It doesn’t absorb any of the various cleaning solutions that individuals use to maintain a beautiful piece. The color-changing technology incorporated in the paint design of each individual piece will bring your high to the next level with every hit. Watching your bubbler shift from one end of the rainbow to the other is something you won’t be able to keep to yourself! Everyone in your smoke circle will be asking where you bought it the very first time you bring it with you.


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