Large Magnetic Pipe


Talk about being versatile and one of a kind! A joint/blunt holder, foldable and detachable smoking pipe, it’s magnetic and a conversation starter all in one. Made from durable aluminum, this pipe can go anywhere with you and can be stored in any container – just make sure the 2 pieces are together! Conveniently and discreetly be the life of the party with your tiny new pipe just about anywhere.

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The list of ways you can use this inventive piece of aluminum is astounding. The first is the most obvious and common use, a smoking pipe. Being metal, you’ve finally come across a pipe you don’t need to be concerned with shattering. At the complete opposite end as the mouth hole, the bowl featured is enough room for a good-sized hit. To screen and filter your smoke, the aluminum mesh is fine, sturdy, and thoughtfully designed. After you’ve gotten good use of it, quite literally pull it apart from the middle for easy access to the hard-to-reach areas. In case you didn’t already notice on your own, the mouthpiece is the perfect hole to stick a joint or blunt into filter and allows you to smoke it down to the end. On top of all that, none of your other pipes will stick to your refrigerator or magnetic phone holder in the car!


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