Mango Sapphire


Mango Sapphire from Humboldt Seeds Organization is a feminized and indica dominant strain. This cross of a Bubba’s Gift and OG/Afghan X is covered with rock hard buds from top to bottom. Its tropical and fruity taste has a gassy undertone. This strain is potent, colorful, and dense; a great option with it’s calming medicinal properties.

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Mango Sapphire provides a pleasant relaxing body high with a heavy cerebral effect. This strain has helped many patients with treating pain and appetite loss. Expect a tranquil body experience from this strain. Munchies are another factor to consider. Keep the snacks nearby! Some have reported giggly, uplifted, and talkative effects. Other things you could experience may be anxiety, dry mouth, or low blood pressure. Many patients have found this strain to be effective for daytime and evening use.

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Classification: Hybrid Indica dominant

THC content: up to 21%

Parent strains: Bubba’s Gift X OG/Afghan


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