Medium 9mm Thick Glass on Glass Glow in the Dark Beaker Water Pipe


Standing at a full foot tall, this beaker-style bong is perfect for the stoner breaking into the glass scene or collected by a seasoned bong user. With an 18.8 millimeter female connection, the possibilities for larger bowl heads and dab buckets are beyond the normal horizons. On top of all these details, did we mention it glows in the dark?



The patterns on these full-size water pipes are works of art. Whether you get a cartoon skull or a cannabis leaf, the care in placement and the fact that those are the pieces that glow in the dark will make either one a favorite in your smoke circle. Beaker Bongs use a down stem to filter each hit through the water. This piece has such thick glass that the length of the down stem is over four and a half inches long. When used as a bong for flower, the ice pinch heightens your toke exponentially. Not only will your hit be water filtered, but in the seconds before it enters your lungs the cloud passes through blocks of ice leaving you a cool sensation as the smoke hits deep.


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