Medium Color Changing Silver Fumed Striped Glass Sherlock Bubbler


Offering a water-filtered hit, this Sherlock Bubbler is smooth and easy on the lungs. Each one of these pieces is hand-blown glass with silver-fumed stripes designed to change colors when introduced to the chemicals in cannabinoids and heat! The attention to detail is highlighted in the thoughtfully placed glass dots alongside the bowl on this unique bubbler. Not only aesthetically pleasing and color-changing just like the rest of the piece, the hand-blown, raised dots to provide a gripping point for your thumb.



As opposed to gold-fumed glass pieces, fuming the glass with silver makes for a brighter color scheme. In between cleaning your new favorite bubbler, you’ll notice the effects the leftover resin has on the color shift. As the glass darkens with prolonged heat and buildup from normal use, the colors will transform into new shades. Although you’re sure to love the looks even when it’s dirty, this piece will have you excited to clean it, just for the brighter colors that show after a freshening up. No matter how much you smoke, the experience is enjoyable and a visual time-lapse specific to you. Watch your pal’s face light up when they take their first toke from your new color-changing bubbler – you’ll for sure have made their day! Compact and portable, this Sherlock-style piece is perfect to take on the go to your next visit to a friend’s or in between errands.


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