Medium Gold Fumed Striped Sherlock Glass Bubbler


Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes with this quality bubbler. Easily stored at seven and a half inches tall and able to sit upright on its own, the convenience of these pieces is amazing. Designed with you in mind, the glass ring accents are for grip as well as they please the eyes! The intricate spiraling colors shift and transform as prolonged heat and cannabinoid interaction.



Featuring a deep bowl, the capability to last several hits boasts well for this unique bubbler. Bringing it along to a smoke sesh at a friend’s is convenient and you don’t need to worry the entire trip if it’s sliding around on the floor as it can fit easily in a travel bag. The thick, fumed glass is durable and smooth making for a safe trip every time whether it’s out of town or just out of the room. The water chamber provides a cooling effect while it filters each hit for optimum inhalation. While being practical, the color-changing stripes that spiral down the stem and bowl entertain the whole room with each toke creating new colors and shades


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