Medium Stemless GoG Straight Shooter Water Pipe with Sprinkler Perc


Step up the intensity of your smoke by choosing this glass on glass water bong fully equipped with a sprinkler percolator system. A sprinkler percolator works just about how you’d expect, by disbursing the smoke into the water for filtering and then pulling it through a second time before finally traveling up the stem.



In a multitude of color combinations, all eyes will be on your new bong when guests enter your home. You’ll feel like the teacher’s friend as you explain the benefits of a sprinkler percolator and what influenced your decision to buy. The smaller stem leading to the mouthpiece guides smoke through a more direct path and shoots it right down into the lungs. Intricate design elements such as the flared base and pottery-style neck serve their purpose as well as draw appeal and strength to the typical weak points. By eliminating the down stem, you allow the percolator to do its’ job to the fullest.


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