Medium Thick Colorful Glow in the Dark Soft Glass Water Pipe


Entertain your next gathering with this glow-in-the-dark bong. Common and standard at approximately ten inches tall, this piece is made from thick and soft glass for optimal comfort while in use. You and your friends can pass this bong around for the whole night and not have a ring around your mouth.



With a very easy-to-find fourteen-millimeter female connection, you can more than likely use your favorite bowl to enhance the personality of this piece. What catches the eye is glass spirals wrapping the bong, which offer not only grip but a layered element to the glow in the dark feature. Available in a variation of colors, your favorite is easy to find. Along with the rest of it, the down stem is also made from thick and lasting glass to make cleaning and regular maintenance a breeze and worry-free. The smoke has plenty of time to get milky in this beaker-style bong after being water filtered and before entering your lungs ensuring a quality big hit every time. Pressure points and common breakage areas are taken special attention to during the process of hand blowing each glass bong.


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