Metal Twist Pipe


Enjoy on the go smoking capabilities without worry or shame! This convenient metal pipe is designed for the all day, active smoker to be able to medicate with little effort. The only things you need to get high are your herbs and a fire with this piece. The stealthy and stout pipe is only about three inches long making for easy packing. Simply untwist the topper to the bowl, fill with a couple hits worth of your strain of the week, and light up.

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Metal and heat, seems like it might be a recipe for one or burned fingers? Luckily this pipe was designed by stoners for stoners. With a separate, heat-resistant metal spiraling around the path to the mouthpiece, you can confidently keep it in your hands in between hits. With a multitude of colors and designs, there’s an option for all the smokers in your life – after you get yours of course. Metal is relatively easy to keep clean and provides a confined space for smoke in order to ensure you inhale all of your hit. This specific pipe even comes with a bowl topper that twists on to trap even more smoke that typically ends up residual. When it comes down to it, this pipe is about efficiency. The act of smoking is always enjoyable, but publicly not accepted yet and some of us can’t or don’t want to wait until we get home.


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