Multi Color Silicone Elephant Pipe


Compact, elephant-shaped silicone pipe. Designed with durability, this little safari animal can go with you anywhere! This piece is sure to be a conversation starter at your next sesh. With a comfortable feel, holding this pipe is easy and natural. With a removable glass bowl, cleaning is a breeze. Cute, convenient, and efficient describes this small pipe. With an affordable price tag, add one to your cart for a gift!

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Aside from being possibly the cutest pipe we’ve ever seen, this piece offers reliability with only a removable glass bowl to break! Not to worry, the glass is nestled in bouncy silicone. Inhaling the smoke from the trunk is smooth as water with the carb at the tip of your finger. To clean, simply take out the glass bowl (after it’s cooled down) and you can use your preferred method. This aesthetically pleasing pipe is a great on-the-go option for anyone. The belly holds a great-sized hit and the trunk allows for a controlled inhale of smoke. It stands on its own “legs” for safekeeping.  For yourself or a beloved smoker, this unique piece will charm a smile out of all it’s users. Snag one today before they sell out!


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