Neon-Striped Clear Glass Sherlock Bubbler


Resembling a pipe that Sherlock Holmes himself would be using, this clear glass bubbler is a recognizable and stylish way to consume your herb of choice. By using clear glass, you’re able to watch the smoke as it travels up the pipe. The neon stripes are highlighted brighter when backed by a milky cloud, so we recommend consistent use for aesthetics. As a multi-color listing, the color you get is a mystery!



Glass is the best option to get the most flavor out of your fire smoke. With no rubberized chemicals or wraps to combine with the flower, you’re left with the cleanest and smoothest hit possible. Without taking away from the high importance of a clean hit, design is something that is probably a priority to you when searching for your next piece. Glass offers the ability to mend into beautiful shapes effortlessly compared to silicone’s limited molding. There’s something so authentic about lighting up a bowl of your favorite strain in a classic, beautifully blown glass pipe. As it’s so compact, this appealing bubbler is perfect to take along with you to your next gathering. When you hold this piece in your hand you will feel as sharp as Sherlock.


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