Raspberry Cough


Raspberry Cough comes from cross breeding Cambodian Landrace and ICE strains. Raspberry Cough is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with an often high THC content. Many report a nice balanced buzz with this strain that is energizing yet peaceful. The buzz involves a quick energized head rush with focused creative effects. The associated body buzz offers an ease of breathing and lung clearing with a body warming peaceful feeling. Raspberry Cough much as its name implies has both the scent and taste of sweet raspberries with an earthy and nutty hint.

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Patients who typically find support and enjoyment with Raspberry Cough often report: 

Feelings of focused creativity and an uplifting energy. Many find the strain arousing and euphoric. Some claim to receive support with anxiousness, depressive feelings, and fatigue. Additionally some find support with spasms, migraine pain and inflammation. Some do report dry eyes and mouth with use.


Additional Information:

THC Content: 15-24% 

Hybrid Dominance: 70% sativa / 30% indica

Amount: 1/4, 1/2, OZ


Additional information


1/2, 1/4, OZ


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