Panama Red


Panama Red provides a mellow head high, treading on the edge of euphoria. This classic strain is a very rare 100% sativa plant. This specific strain is one of the most psychedelic experiences cannabis can offer. Panama Red grows tall and skinny, sprouting long internodes and thick stems. The buds tend to be longer, conic and covered in thin hairs that often show red.

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The effects of Panama Red grab your attention first, followed by exploding into an introspective high that lasts awhile. This strain gives no physical impacts but stems a strong mental shift. It is one of the most psychedelic sativa highs, along with one of the purest. If you need a boost for your creative moments, inspiration or for intimacy–this strain is right for you. The strain is reported to be ideal for daytime use to cope with stress and anxiety.


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Classification: 100% Sativa

THC Content: 20%

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