Purple AK47


Grand Daddy Purple and AK-47 came together to create this masterpiece of a hybrid. Purple AK-47 offers the nighttime benefits of GDP, while including the cerebral aspects of the Cannabis Cup-winning AK-47. These buds vary in looks with every batch. Some are light-green and extremely frosty, with vibrant orange pistils, and vague hints of purple. Ours are frosty and noticeably purple, coming in medium-sized dense nugs. This strain is seen in cannabis clubs in both Northern California and Southern California, and is favored among nighttime patients.

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Patients who typically find support and enjoyment with Purple AK47 often report feelings of relaxation to the point of drowsiness, uplifted happiness to the point of euphoria. Some claim to receive support with their anxiousness, depressive feelings, pain and insomnia. Some do report dry eyes and mouth, faint dizziness, paranoia or headache.

Additional Information:

THC Content: 17- 20%

Hybrid Dominance: Indica-dominant hybrid

Amount: 1/4, 1/2, OZ

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1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 10 King Cones, 21 King Cones, 5 King Cones, OZ


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