Royal Gorilla


Royal Gorilla, while she generally has more scarce yields, the quality of her bud is unmatched. As if a 24-26% of THC wouldn’t be high enough, some of her phenos are ranging in at an incredible 30% – THC levels which had never been measured in any strain before. You can grow Royal Gorilla indoors or outdoors. Thanks to her abundant resin production, her leaves are generally covered in an abundance of trichomes that will beautifully sparkle in the sunshine.

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Royal Gorilla also has good medicinal potential because of the plant’s rare potency levels. This fact makes her a good choice to help with chronic pains and other ailments. Patients who find the most relief from this strain are those who have not found relief from other methods of pain killers.


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Classification: Hybrid

THC Content: 28%

Parent Strains: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel

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