Small Bent Neck Straight Shooter Silicone Water Pipe


Much like our glass straight shooter water pipe, this bong plays no games in delivering a direct hit of smoke to your lungs. Featuring a stemless filtration method, say goodbye to the hassles of a clogged down stem and an extra step for cleaning. Silicone provides peace of mind eliminating the possibility of shattering and being lighter than a glass bong of this size.



A bent neck design gives you a clear line of sight to your bowl without risking a burn by being directly over the flame. The included glass bowl is deep enough for a few decent hits and is thoughtfully designed with a handle for use. Your pals will be stoked at the colorful designs that are unique to each bong. This piece is six and a half inches of food grade silicone that’s light and easy to fit in any bag for travel. The base is solid and flared so after a big hit while the coughing fit takes place, it’s easily set down on any surface around. Not to worry, even if you drop this bong, we are sure it can take the hit.


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