Small Clear Glass on Glass Water Pipe with Leaf Decal


The classic beaker bong style has been a tested and true method of consuming cannabis for decades. The traditional glass-on-glass take here is classy, simple, and aesthetically pleasing. The design was not missed when choosing the accent colors along the top and highlights of the piece. Glass is also one of the easiest marijuana mediums to keep clean of the unavoidable resin build-up.



A basic and hollow down stem offers a solid hit, fully filtered through cool water. The timeless beaker bong fills up with milky smoke fast and full, hence the appeal. With a glass extremity incorporated onto the bowl, smoking from this bong is as easy as it seems. The height of this water pipe is just about seven and a half inches, perfect to set on a table and hit. The colored accent ring at the mouthpiece is more than just for looks. The comfort while taking rips off this bong is just a notch below luxury.


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