Small Clear Neon Striped Glass Pipe


What’s your favorite color? Offering a huge selection of colors, your favorite is bound to be here. This petite and stylish pipe is ideal for the minimalist stoner. It boasts a simple, striped design of an individual neon color visible through the transparent and durable glass. Being made from strong material like glass means traveling with your new pipe is a breeze, just tuck away in a pocket of any bag.



With a length of three and a half inches, the distance smoke has to travel to your lungs is minimized. In effect, causing you to receive the most dense and milky smoke possible from each hit. Although portability is a great aspect of this pipe, the truly dedicated marijuana smoker understands the importance of a solid toke. This compact pipe has all the makings for a good hit: quality material, deep bowl with small return for little pull through, and a thumb carb for density control. The functionality of even the small seemingly for appearance glass marble dots is all thought out and perfect for the modern cannabis user.


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