Small Color Changing Frit Striped Ring Sherlock Glass Bubbler


Are you looking for something small and easy to take with you, but aren’t willing to sacrifice the quality of your smoke sesh? Look no further than this 6 and a half inch Sherlock-style glass bubbler! With all the perks of a larger and more expensive piece, this little guy is jam-packed with cool features to occupy the stoner mind. From the color-changing glass to the overall design, you’ll have plenty of talking points if things happen to get silent.



Starting with the aspect of color-changing technology inside a glass bubbler is already impressive. The changes begin with bright colors activated by tobacco and heat, and slowly shift shades as resin buildup and is exposed to prolonged heat. Watching your pipe change colors is one thing, but to be able to gaze through the colors at the milky smoke cloud swirling its way into your lungs is a step above in prestige. The frit accents in this hand-blown glass come incorporated in a dotted or striped design with some of your favorite colors on every piece. You can bust out this piece in total confidence around your clumsy friend as the glass ring feature and thoughtful design makes for durability you wouldn’t expect from such a small and affordable pipe.


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