Small Color Changing Spiral Striped Glass Pipe


Find out what layout of swirled stripes calls to you! This small but smooth bowl is the perfect treat yourself a gift from you to you. There are so many ways you can justify the ten-dollar bill it costs! That’s 2 cups of coffee, in return for years of on-the-go smoking capabilities. Plus, who can say no to your favorite colors in a tornado leading from a freshly packed bowl to your smokeless lungs?



For such a small piece, we were surprised at the depth of the bowl itself. You can easily get a few hits out of a fully stuffed pack. No matter the occasion, for some of us cannabis is a must and this is the perfect staple for your car, purse, gym bag, etc. For those quick moments of bliss, all you need is those few hits to set you on your way in an upbeat and rational manner. The color change effect during and after each light definitely makes the sesh that much better. The best part is, no matter how dirty you may let this pipe get, the experience will never disappoint as the colors just shift shades!


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