Small Color Changing Striped Glass Pipe


Mini but mighty is how we would describe this glass pipe. At just about three and a half inches long, anybody who is of age to consume cannabis can handle this with ease. Speaking of anybody, you’ll be that homie with the little bowl wherever you go. Your friends will look to you any time they want to spark up because they know you’ll be prepared with this little bowl.



Aside from being lightweight, portable, and convenient, this pipe is also made with color blown inside the glass that changes colors! When exposed to heat and compounds in marijuana, the colors you once saw will shift right in front of your eyes. Not many people are going to expect such a small package to contain cool features and in turn, the looks on their faces are priceless. The shape is somewhat ordinary for a bowl, however, the mouthpiece has an expanded ring to add that extra smoke into your hit wherever possible. You can go about your normal cleaning routine the same as any other glass piece as the quality of this little pipe is up to standard!


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