Small Colorful Spiral Striped Fumed Color Changing Glass Pipe


Spoon-style bowls and pipes are classic and timeless. Designers have added creative ways to customize their glass pieces over the years and this bowl sports marble accents, fumed glass, color-changing effects, and a flat mouth piece. Watching your bowl physically shift colors right before your own eyes is something magical while you’re on cloud nine, to say the least.



Resembling almost like a cartoon astronaut, your imagination will run wild like in your childhood every time you break this pipe out from the lineup. Starting with the “helmet”, the bubble bowl feature is a design staple in this line of smoking accessories. To emphasize the carb and add symmetry to the other side, two marbled glass accents protrude out the sides enhancing the user’s grip. Traveling up the pipe, fumed and color-changing designed are worked into the glass causing the smoke to swirl and interact with the shades. Having a flat mouthpiece causes a smoother flow of smoke to enter your mouth and travel to your lungs, as well as adds comfort to the placement of the pipe to your lips. Order yours today for yourself or as a gift and smile with the next several years of use.


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