Small Colorful Striped Sherlock Bubbler


A pipe almost as if designed by Mr. Holmes himself, this compact bubbler is perfect to keep on your bedside table or kitchen counter. The bowl is made for a couple hits in between cooking or right before you go to sleep. For our customers who are on the go, this is perfect for sparking up to go in the grocery store or into the gym.



With just a few hits per bowl, you won’t be tempted to go over board while running errands throughout your day or sink into the couch folding laundry. Although, you may just want to pack it a couple times with the amazing quality of your sessions while utilizing this Small Striped Sherlock Bubbler! With the ease of cleaning that comes with a glass bubbler, you’ll be able to see the hand blown patterns in this unique piece for years to come. The carb is conveniently located where your thumb would naturally rest along the side of the bowl. The solid neck extending a safe distance away from the flame makes it super easy to light up safely.


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