Small Decal Print 2 Part Silicone Water Pipe with Dome Perc


Level up your smoking game with this comic book printed mini bong. Made from lasting and hardly breakable silicone, this piece will be your couch side staple for years to come. This unique mold allows for the product to be taken apart to add water and for cleaning purposes. The dome percolator housed inside is to cool down and double filter your hit.



Wrapped in the coolest decals you can think of, you’re going to want to pack this bong up to bring wherever you go! Your smoke circle buddies will be grateful when you do. Simply empty the water out and store the glass bowl safely, then you can throw the silicone base into any bag or just carry it with no worries of shattering, scratching or denting. You can easily take off the top portion of the bong and add water just as easily as pouring it into a glass. Sitting at just six and a half inches tall, effortlessly rip off this bong while sitting at the kitchen table or on the armrest of the couch.


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