Small Multicolor Spiral Striped Sherlock Glass Bubbler


At just 5 and a half inches tall from base to mouthpiece, this colorfully designed glass bubbler is perfect to fit in your car, bag, or even your jacket pocket! Enjoy the convenience of having that smoother hit filtered by water that typically comes from bigger bongs and pieces, from a pipe that fits in just the palm of your hands.



Observing your own hit travel down the stem, pass through water, and creep into your lungs is a show in itself in our opinion. However, the glassblowers who crafted this work of art worked with fumed glass that changes colors with use to add an element of surprise to each hit! When in contact with various components of cannabinoids and heat, the effect is a colorful phenomenon. Sporting a relevantly deep bowl, don’t be fooled at how much you can actually fit per pack. You and a friend can both toke up from the same bowl, and its large base allows this piece to stand alone during the intermissions. Your cleaning habits are well hidden in the design of this bubbler. As it gets “dirty” from resin buildup and consistent heat exposure, the fumed glass continues to change colors in different shades. Smoke with comfort and without judgment from yourself or anyone else!


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