Small Rasta Swirl Striped Glass Pipe


Following in line with Jamaican Rasta culture in design, this small pipe is a festive addition to any collection. In today’s world, cannabis has evolved into a remarkable resource for people all over the globe. Going back to state history is common nationwide, but not many people in the younger generation are educated on the inspiration to the adopted stoner culture. This piece pays tribute by design and intent to uphold marijuana’s integrity.



Bowls are arguably one of the most efficient ways to smoke flower. It may not be everyone’s favorite, but it’s hard to deny the fact that it’s an easy process, offers the most of the plant, and gives you the most control as a consumer. This particular bowl is straightforward and classic. Simply pack the surprisingly deep bowl with your favorite strain of the week, light up, and inhale. Smoke will travel three and a half inches before you can feel it hit your body.


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