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MJ Healing Herbs Strain Sampler is a collection of both Indica leaning and Sativa leaning flower strains designed to give a patient a variety of options depending on the particular needs of any given day. This sample pack also allows a new patient to explore, with guidance from our caregivers, which strain or strains might be best for their needs and bring the most support to their lives. With the Strain Sample Pack you do not need to limit yourself to a certain strain or only one variety, and instead can receive the best of both worlds. For a list of which strains are included please look below.

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For more detailed information on each strain just click on the strain name. 

Indicas: Black Berry, Blue Cheese, Killawatt, Chem Stick, Cosmos Kush,  White Rhino, Grand Daddy Purple, Papaya.

Sativas: Raspberry Cough, Amnesia Lemon, Sage n Sour, Jack The Ripper, Purple Trainwreck, 707 Head Band, Green Crack, Blue Dream, New York Power Diesel.


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