Sweet ‘n Sour Widow


Sweet n’ Sour Widow is a White Widow cross, although the other parent stain is unknown. The strain has a low THC content and equal amount of CBD. This strain has earthy flavors and citrusy grapefruit tones, giving it both a sweet and sour tastes. Filled with trichomes, these delightful green buds will be sure to satisfy you.

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Sweet ‘n Sour Widow is an uplifting and euphoric strain, some find a boost in mood along with an urge in creativity and focus. A great strain for working through that afternoon to do list. The initial high from this stain is motivating, as it starts to wear off some have mentioned it to present couchlock sensations. This strain has been effective for many people who experience anxiety, stress, or sleep disorders. Users have shared that this strain has helped with chronic pains, as the THC content is just enough to create a slightly numbing feeling.


Additional Information:

Classification: Hybrid Indica dominant 

THC content: up to 8%

Parent strains: White Widow X Unknown


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